Budgeting for Teenagers: A Complete Guide

Step 1: Develop a Money Mindset If you’re like 90% of young people, there are older people who try to speak to you about money, starting with a monologue about how “if you just save and invest this dollar amount now, you can retire younger. Because compound interest.” And if you’re like 90% of young …

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Jobs That Offer Free Housing

Before we discuss the types of jobs that provide free or subsidized housing, we’d like to take a quick moment to note that CreditGUARD does not offer career counseling or advice about what jobs or living situations are best for you. As always, please use your best judgment should you decide to take a job …

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Evaluate Credit Card Offers

Are you getting lots of credit card offers in the mail? Wondering which ones are good and which ones are, well, not so great? Here’s a deep-dive 7-point inspection you can do for each card offer you get to decide whether it’s worth applying. Before we dive into the details, a word of advice: read …

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Top Debt Management Apps

Looking for apps to help you track and manage your debt? Here are some of the most popular apps on the market and what you can expect from each one. Remember: while applications like these can help individuals keep track of payments and monitor spending, they won’t be the perfect solution for everyone — especially …

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Renters Insurance

If you’re a renter and you value your possessions, you should absolutely invest in renter’s insurance. Read on to learn more about what renter’s insurance means for you and your home. What is Renter’s Insurance? What Does Renter’s Insurance Cost? What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover? When to Call CreditGUARD What is Renter’s Insurance? Renter’s insurance …

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Bankruptcy Questions and Answers: What You Need to Know

If you are considering filing bankruptcy or have recently filed, no doubt you have tons of questions. With so much conflicting information it can be hard to know where to turn these days. Let’s explore some of the most important questions and answers you may have about bankruptcy. What Are the Different Types of Bankruptcy? …

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The Costs of Filing for Bankruptcy

There are many costs associated with filing bankruptcy. Some of these include filing fees, attorney fees, and trustee fees. While you may be considering bankruptcy as a way out of debt, it is important you weigh all the risks including understanding the fees you will be responsible for. Let’s check out some of these fees. …

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The Effects of Bankruptcy on Your Job

If you have recently filed or are considering filing bankruptcy, you may be wondering about the effects it could have on your job as well as future employment prospects. Let’s look at what you can expect after filing bankruptcy. Your Current Job is Safe Let’s get the anxiety out of the way first. You cannot …

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