5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gas Station Credit Cards

With gas prices approaching $2.70 per gallon, it makes sense that consumers would look for ways to cut their budgets and even cut the occasional corner. More than 43 million people had gas cards in 2017, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Credit cards that return cash are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look …

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Starting a Retirement Fund: Planning & Saving for Retirement

As part of our ongoing series about savings, clever spending, and retirement planning, we have collaborated with the best financial experts from around the world. How much do you currently have saved for retirement? Most Americans rely on a paycheck to supplement their basic needs and have invested in individual retirement accounts because, for them, …

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Overcoming Your Debt

Debt clock has reached unprecedented levels and continues to grow each year. Here is how debt is affecting Americans today. Survey shows that Americans are more likely to suffer from financial stress than heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. It is a dangerous, silent killer that most Americans wear as a badge of honor, a symbol …

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Is Student Loan Consolidation Worth It?

Along with the astronomical rise in tuition costs, the burden of student loans, and the cost of tuition fees have risen. If you are having trouble keeping up with your student loans, you may be thinking about consolidating your credit and forgiving your loans. Lending is a special program open only to certain borrowers, but …

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America’s Debt Crisis: A Closer Look

Let’s forget that for a minute: in March 2018, the US national debt was over $21 trillion. The US National Debt, “US Treasury’s annual report on the state of the US national debt, March 2017. By comparison, at the same time, total household debt in the US was more than $13.5 trillion, and the nation’s …

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Reverse Mortgages And Bankruptcy: What To Know

If you file for bankruptcy, the far-reaching impact on your life may be greater than you imagine. Not only are you potentially bankrupt, but bankruptcy can also prevent you from receiving loan payments from your reverse mortgage. Learn how bankruptcy and repayment of your mortgage are related and learn more about how they are related. …

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Alternatives to Student Loans: Part 2

Aspiring students face many challenges when they decide to go to college and apply for student loans. There are many choices to be made when deciding which secondary school to go to, and the types of schools can have an impact on the different forms of funding available to you. So which options do you …

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Saving For College Tuition

Saving for your child’s school future, saving for tuition fees is a big goal, but it’s probably just another financial goal on your list. Unfortunately, there is a lot of talk about saving and saving to save for children’s schools in the future, but unfortunately, there is a huge gap between the cost of college …

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Surviving Student Loan Debt – Part 2

Student loans may be a necessity for a college degree, but they can be crippling for young adults fresh out of school. Graduates can survive without student loans, according to a new study from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. Student loan debt has passed the trillion-dollar mark, leaving more people than ever …

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