How to Save for a Home

Homeownership has always been the standard for the American Dream, but in today’s economy people are finding it more difficult than ever to buy (and keep) a home. If you are working to pay off credit debts and dreaming of owning your own house, you are not alone. Here are some basics behind saving for …

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Understanding Credit Card Rewards

Developing good spending habits and learning new ways to manage your money are important parts of overcoming debt. While looking for new ways to approach spending, you may be tempted by credit card rewards. Let’s find out if these cards are worth it in the long run. (Spoiler alert: they aren’t.) No Credit is Good …

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Recession Signs: Yield Inversion

While there are many indicators that point to a strong economy, there is another signal that may be indicating otherwise. The term yield inversion has been in finance news recently, but what does it mean? Let’s take a look at the yield inversion curve and how it can affect you. What is Yield Inversion? A …

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Savings Accounts: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes time to choose a savings account, there are several options to pick from. While there are many different types that deal with specific goals, there are three basic accounts that cover most general needs. In this article, we’ll discuss general savings account options. If you’re looking for information about retirement and longer-term …

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Free Living Well Tips

Learning to live on a budget can involve some trial and error in the beginning while you are learning what practices work best for you. It’s important to remember that living a frugal lifestyle and meeting a monthly budget is more about living smarter than it is about constant sacrifice. Let’s look at some tips …

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Utilities Companies Hardship Rates

Gas, electric, and even some water companies have Customer Assistance Programs. These programs are usually available to low-income customers who are experiencing financial hardships and are unable to pay the full monthly bill. Let’s discuss some things to keep in mind when talking with your utility company. Above All Else, Be Polite While dealing with …

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