Travel the World on a Budget

Money woes can easily put an end to all those daydreams of traveling to far-off places. Fortunately, with all the available resources at your disposal, it’s entirely possible to travel the world without going into debt. If you’re looking to branch out of the norm and expand your horizons, here are 10 ways you can travel the world for cheap.

how to travel on a budget

Make Money on the Go

1. While you’re away, why not rent out your place to fellow travelers? There are various websites that let you rent your home to like-minded explorers. You can even make plans to exchange living arrangements for a disclosed set of time. Just make sure you properly contact and research the person(s) beforehand.

2. Does your job allow you to telecommute to work? Instead of taking time off, see if you can work while you are on the road.

3. Find a job that you can work while traveling abroad. If you want to spend a few months in South Korea, consider teaching English. If you want to spend two weeks in Italy, why not house sit?

Save Money on Transportation

4. Flexibility can save a tremendous amount of money if you’re not picky about your travel dates or your destination. Smaller airports trying to fill up planes might offer an excellent deal. The catch is that you might be landing 45 miles away from the biggest tourist city. You can find these flights on most websites offering deals on airfare.

5. Pack light to save money when you fly. This also allows you to change hotels at a moment’s notice as soon as you find a better deal.

6. Walk whenever possible. Rather than dropping money on buses, subways and trains, save money and get a better feel of the city by walking. If you must use public transportation, purchase a pass that gives you all-day access. Cities like Chicago and Los Angeles offer affordable passes.

Save Money During Your Stay

7. Avoid traveling in the peak season. You will find better deals on hotels desperate to fill up.

8. If you plan to stay for a few weeks, rent an apartment or condo instead of a hotel room. Not only is it cheaper, but you will also save money on food because you will have a kitchen to cook in.

9. Use social networking to your advantage. Maybe you have a friend in Ireland you can stay with? Or maybe your great uncle in Miami needs somebody to watch his house while he travels?

10. Research local sites that don’t get as much love as the big-ticket attractions. Websites like TripAdvisor offer reviews of many small but fun attractions.

As you can see, traveling the world for cheap IS possible — it’s just a matter of taking full advantage of the resources available to you. Next up: Top 5 Budgeting Apps for Spring Break.


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