Spring Break Budgeting Tips for a Debt-Free Vacation

spring break budgeting

Feeling the heat of dealing with debt this spring break? Instead of spending money you don’t have, why not save yourself some stress (and cash) by planning your vacation around a budget? In order to help you maximize your savings and make the most of your spring break, here are our top five travel apps to keep you from sweating the details.

1. Kayak

Whether you’re looking for cheap flights, hostels or even car rentals, this app has it all. Kayak compares hundreds of different travel sites and then shows you the best deals. One of the nicest things about this app is that it automatically redirects you to the main website—letting you bypass all those annoying wait times or awkward features so many other travel apps have.

Insider Travel Tip: If you’re looking to book a flight, Tuesday’s are usually the cheapest day of the week. Also, try to book at least two weeks in advance as prices tend to go up when you book closer to your departure date.

Free Download: Kayak

2. GasBuddy

Unless you’ve found some kind of mega deal on flights (or unless you’re traveling cross-country or out of the country), driving is almost always cheaper than flying. If you’re planning on taking a road trip this spring break, don’t leave home without this app. GasBuddy lets you search by city, state or even zip code to help you find the cheapest gas around. Though you wouldn’t think saving a few cents on gas here and there would make a huge dent in your budget, trust us; it adds up.

Free Download: GasBuddy

3. Trail Wallet

Having a hard time keeping track of all your expenses? Trail Wallet makes saving easy by keeping track of all your finances and spends. You can even make your own daily budget and let Trail Wallet track what you’re spending. The first 25 items are free, but it only costs $3.99 after that. If you’re the kind of person that likes to set a budget but has a hard time sticking to it, then this app is perfect for you.

Free Download: Iphone/Ipad: Trail Wallet

In addition to using Trail Wallet, another good rule of thumb is to only use cash when you venture out. A lot of people tend to splurge during spring break outings, so try to curb your impulsive credit spending by only using cash.

4. Eventful

Running out of things to do on your trip? Maybe all the rain is putting a damper on your beach day? Eventful searches all the happenings in your area and divides them into different categories. From sports to museums to sightseeing and more, Eventful’s got you covered. This is a great app for helping you find cheap happenings in and around town.

Free Download: Eventful

5. Oanda Currency Converter

For those traveling abroad, this app is perfect for when you’re worried about paying too much (or too little) for an item. Oanda can convert over 190 currencies and is updated in real time. The best part about this app is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much space. So before you decide to spend £20 on Shepherd’s pie, take a moment to see exactly how much that’ll cost you in USD.

Free Download: Oanda

Saving money while having fun this spring break IS possible. It just requires a little know-how and careful spending. In addition to taking advantage of these five travel apps, visit CreditGUARD’s everyday budgeting tips page for more nifty tips on budgeting and saving money.


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