Budget-Friendly Travel Tips

While you might dream of showing your family the world, worldwide travel isn’t always feasible—or budget-friendly. International travel becomes even harder for those in serious debt. But that doesn’t mean that vacations are out of your grasp. Your family can have a trip they will remember and cherish for years, and it all starts with a budget.

Rediscover your city

Think about it. How often do you visit the places your city is known for? In fact, do you often avoid the “touristy” spots? There are several reasons people are lured to your city, and being a local tourist is a great way to discover them. If you are extra tight on funds, try wandering your own city. Go to the spots you are always too busy for. Visit a museum. Stroll through the park. It will be a great experience, and you’ll be able to make better recommendations to visitors.

Regional adventures

Not every great adventure needs to happen in far-off places. Sometimes, the best adventures happen right outside of your backyard. Visit a nearby city or national/state park. Discover areas of your region that draw others in. Plus, staying close to home is a great way to save on funds.

Also, if you have a little extra wiggle room in your budget, embark on a road trip. You can see several regional landmarks without spending too much money.

Take a cruise

The great thing about most cruises is that they offer everything you need at one price. The bad thing is that they are usually pretty expensive, unless you book last minute (or far in advance). In fact, if you purchase a few weeks before departure, you can also get upgrades, cash vouchers for food and drinks and other fun amenities. Use online tools, like CruiseSheet, to help you find the least expensive cruises available. You can also work with a travel agent to ensure you get the best deal.

Be resourceful

Each year hordes of people flock to the most popular countries, cities, parks and beaches for well-deserved vacations. But that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. Instead, research less popular options. For instance, instead of visiting Italy, try Greece. Opt for Panama City Beach instead of Delray Beach in Florida. Go against the grain, and it will pay off (literally).

Go camping

Another resourceful tip is the great outdoors. That’s right. Go camping. Whether you choose to sleep under the stars or opt for staying in an inexpensive cabin, camping is a great, cheap way to give your family a vacation and save money. If you choose a cabin, be sure to search for the best deals on sites like Airbnb. For those that go the camping route, that doesn’t mean spending a lot on gear. Instead, rent what you need at REI, online or even at a local outdoor store. Some of these places will also give you credit toward a purchase, so be sure to do your research.

While traveling on a budget is possible, these trips can still be out of reach for those overwhelmed with debt. If you are facing collection calls at all hours and need help, contact us today. One of our certified credit counselors will show you how CreditGUARD may be able to help you save through credit counseling and debt management. Call us today at 800-500-6489!