Buying in Balk May Actually Cost You More

Bulky items, skimpy storage

The allure of buying a box of your favorite cookies goes away when you come home and realize there is no space in the pantry. The next thing you know, you are playing a game of Tetris to get that giant package of ribeye steak in the freezer because the price is hard to beat. You now need to draw a map to find the items under your sink because thirty rolls of toilet paper are in the way. All of a sudden, your shower caddy is buckling under the weight of the economy-size shampoo you just had to buy. Consider the reality of the type of storage and space you have before spending on bulk items- it may cost you more in other ways.

Larger shopping carts lead to large amounts of waste

Bulk shoppers may think they are saving money by buying a year’s supply of something in advance. What happens if those goods expire before you can finish them? It is not worth the “savings” in that scenario. As a precaution, you may start using more of the product than you would under normal circumstances. In that case, was spending more upfront worth it? In a situation like this, the purchase price becomes higher than what you would have paid had you purchased just enough to last for the week or month ahead. Be aware of return policies if you need to return or exchange excess products.

Breaking the scale

Overconsumption is a common factor of American culture. Overconsumption is a standard way of life for many, but it is considered abnormal in other countries. Buying in bulk only encourages behaviors of overconsumption. You may not have needed all those bagels in the first place, but now you are eating bagels three times a day before they get moldy. Seeing more of something may lead to consuming more of that thing just because it is there. Bulk shopping may break your budget, but does it have to break your scale as well? Moderation is the key to everything in life.

Use coupons to help with FOMO

Fear of missing out on deals is a real thing. Fortunately, stores and brand manufacturers have regular sales and coupons for products. Although buying in bulk may give the illusion of savings by default, using coupons on smaller items may have a more significant impact on your wallet. A mere $1 off coupon at the local grocery store may be a better option than going big on a bulk package at the price club warehouse.

Bottom Line

Buying in bulk is an ideal option for larger families that consume products rapidly. It is best to use discretion if shopping in bulk is a must. For smaller families and individuals, it may be wiser to look for deals via coupons, sales, and buying store brands instead of name brands. You don’t have to buy in bulk for the sake of getting a deal if you really don’t need that much stuff in the first place.