Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

While your love might not cost a thing, Valentine’s Day presents sure do. After all, more people get engaged on February 14 than any other. Whether you are buying a special something for a special someone or you are giving the gift of love to your favorite people, the presents on your Valentine’s Day list don’t have to break the bank.

With a few helpful ideas, you can spend a minimal amount, incorporate some DIY skills and give heartfelt gifts that you put time and love into. Need some DIY Valentine’s inspiration? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves. Plus, they will help you stay on budget during the season of love!

Personalized Candies

Valentines Chocolates.jpg

Let your special someone(s) know how much you care with personalized chocolates. Just use special printed/patterned paper and mini chocolate candies. Write your message on the inside of the paper then wrap around the chocolates. Every piece will house a heartfelt message for the recipient. How sweet! (Literally).


Valentines Card.jpg

A classic Valentine. We remember giving cards to our classmates during school, but that doesn’t mean a card can’t be an incredible gift to your loved one. Plus, you don’t have to go out to the store and purchase a $10 piece of paper. You can make your own. Be creative and use all of your DIY arsenal. Incorporate pictures, your children’s artwork, sweet words and other special mementos into your card. They will love it. (Need more inspiration? Here are a few ideas!)


Valentines Sweets.jpg

Cookies, cake, brownies, oh my! Sweet treats are always a huge hit on Valentine’s Day, and making your own for your loved ones is even more special. Create your own messages on sugar cookies. Use food coloring and a stamp or simply inscribe with royal icing to create your perfect message. You can also add a little cinnamon and cayenne to your brownie mix for a special kick.

Hot Cocoa

Valentines Hot Cocoa.jpg

For those who need a little extra warmth during the frost Valentine’s holiday, hot cocoa (or chocolate depending on where you are from) is a perfect gift. Maybe it special by creating your own special hot cocoa mix. This can include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, French vanilla or even Mexican chocolate with warm spices, like cinnamon, cayenne pepper or nutmeg. Don’t forget to add a few marshmallows to the top! Package it all in an adorable mason jar or glass container. Make it even more special by decorating the jar. You can paint hearts on the outside or use pretty, seasonal fabric on the lid.

Valentine’s Coupons

Valentine's Coupons.jpg

For the little loved ones in your life, what better gift (aside from the sweet stuff) than a coupon. Whether you include free hugs, extra dessert, chore-free day or pick the movie, children will love these special coupons. Plus, what kid wouldn’t want extra dessert? That’s an awesome coupon, if you ask us. (You can download the template above here.)
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our friends out there! We wish you all the love the day can offer. Also, all of the treats.


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