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Nearly a decade after the Great Recession, Americans are still dogged by financial insecurity. According to a 2016 report, the typical American household carries an average $16,748 in credit card debt. Being in debt may seem “normal” to most folks these days, but much there is a way out.

Let’s look to the economic situation in Mesa. As of February 2017, the national unemployment rate was 4.7 percent. In the Mesa area, the unemployment rate was a bit lower, at 4.4 percent, nearly flat since February 2016. With unemployment rates lingering and median home prices and rents on the rise, it makes sense that citizens of Mesa are looking for solutions to their debt issues.

We’ve helped many Mesa residents take back control of their finances. Our average client in Mesa has nearly $14,000 in debt, and with our help, they’ve saved thousands in interest. Take the next step and call CreditGUARD of America today.

CreditGUARD’s mission as a trusted nonprofit organization is to help you regain control of your finances and work toward a more financially stable tomorrow. Our skilled professionals will help you create a financial plan that meets your needs and could include debt management, financial education, credit counseling, continuing education and budgeting tips from our seasoned credit counselors.  

If your finances are feeling flat in Mesa, just make one simple call today to one of our credit counselors at CreditGUARD of America at 800-500-6489 for more information on our nonprofit debt management, debt consolidation and credit counseling services. We are ready to help you take back control of your financial future and create a better tomorrow!

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    "I am so grateful for my experience with Credit Guard of America. I frequently had to call with questions and concerns and they were always so helpful and kind. I had to speak with Eric a lot, I’m assuming he’s a part of management, and it was always a pleasure. They made it easy to pay off accounts and do extra payments. All 5 of my credit accounts are now paid and I couldn’t have done it without this program. I was happy to recommend them to one of my closest friends! "

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    We can help you get out of debt in Arizona. Call us at 800-500-6489 to find out how!

    CreditGuard provides a Debt Management, Debt Counseling and Financial Education Services for consumers for over 30yrs, we have reduce a consumers overall debt up to 50%, while lowering or eliminating interest and late fees, along with re-aging of their accounts.

    Reputable and established Debt Counseling Company operating since 1991, licensed in all 50 states. Currently located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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    CreditGUARD also offers a number of other services. On our site you’ll find in-depth articles about debt consolidation, money management, and budgeting. Our educational resources section offers a wealth of information about various aspects of personal finance. Our helpful credit counselors stand ready to answer any questions about money management and debt consolidation in Arizona. Call us today at 800-500-6489, or complete the online form, and find some peace of mind at last.

    From: Arizona Title 6 – Banks and Financial Institutions Chapter 6 Article 1

    6-709 Requirements

    B. A licensee shall make a written contract between himself and a debtor and immediately furnish the debtor with a copy of the completed contract. The licensee shall concurrently furnish the debtor with a list of the creditors, as of the time of the signing of the contract, with whom he agrees to manage the debtor’s obligations. All contracts shall contain a provision allowing the termination of the contract by either party at any time. Such termination shall be without penalty, except that the licensee shall retain the retainer fee if the termination is by the debtor. Termination shall only be upon a five-day notice to the other party.

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