Should You Join a Gym?

Whether you are looking to get in shape or stay that way, the thought of joining a gym has probably crossed your mind. With clever advertising and marketing plans, gyms present themselves as the ultimate get-fit-quick facility while leaving out a lot of the important details.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of joining a gym.

The Not-So-Secret

There is an interesting fact that goes along with a gym membership: if everyone who has a membership showed up at the same time, the building couldn’t hold them all. That might seem like an odd business model, but the gym has a secret they intentionally hold back from potential members: a substantial portion of its members will rarely if ever walk through the doors. The gym is actually counting on you not showing up. And this is where the contracts come in.

Sign Right Here, Please!

The gym understands that over time memberships will be used less and less. And while they may base their business on you never showing up, they still have to keep the lights on and the doors open for the fraction of people who do. A gym is not in the business of getting you healthy, a gym is in business to make a profit. In order to keep you paying for something you never use, many gyms will force you into lengthy contracts that are overly complicated and nearly impossible to break.

Even if you never return, you will still be forced to dish out that monthly membership fee for the length of the contract.

That Simple Fee is Not So Simple

The day you sign up for your gym membership, everything will seem very straightforward. They may offer you a free week or even a free month to entice you to sign the contract. There will be no attention drawn to all the extra charges you can potentially incur. When you start going to the gym to work out, things will probably be very different.

Suddenly, everything is for sale.

Thirsty? Here’s some water for a couple of dollars, but what you really need is this overpriced sports drink. Having trouble with that exercise? You should sign up for our special class that meets every other week, only an additional $20 per session. Forget to clear out your locker or clean up behind yourself on one of the machines? Get ready to pay a maintenance fee.

That simple $20 per month membership can quickly turn into an extravagant expense. Plus, you have the cost of commuting to and from the gym and any additional workout gear you may require.

Over two years, that’s $480. If you only go a few times, your cost per gym visit could be over $100/visit.

Would you want to open your wallet and hand someone a $100 bill for the opportunity of lifting weights? Not likely!

All You Need is Effort

The desire to get in shape is healthy, and we at CreditGUARD always advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.

But the truth is you can get in shape without the hassles and risks of a gym membership.

You can exercise almost anywhere, and the simplest of exercises are also some of the most beneficial. Walking, running, biking or swimming combined with a dedicated routine of push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups will lead to more success than most gym memberships.

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