Tips for Successfully Working from Home

Working remotely and trying to be frugal at the same time has its own unique challenges. Let’s look at some of the ways younger workers can tackle this tricky subject.
Working remotely is more common today than ever before. The past few years have seen a huge uptick in both wifi availability and connectivity, and this has led to people working in all types of environments. Whether you are working from bed or from the coffeeshop, you will still need to develop good habits to be frugal.

Curing the Coffeeshop Blues

Don’t let the hole in your coffee cup lead to a hole in your wallet. If you are going to work remotely, stock up on the things you need to be productive and work from home as much as possible. You will save money on both gas and drinks. But we all get stir crazy, and sometimes you may find yourself wanting a change of scenery to boost productivity. If you work from a neighborhood coffee shop, stick to drip coffee and avoid lattes and other coffee drinks that are very expensive. If you are drinking in house, refills on the drip coffee should be free or inexpensive.

Saving Your Gas

One major advantage of working from home is the amount of gas you can save annually. By not commuting, you could add as much as $1,000 to your budget over the course of a year. But those savings will disappear if you are still running out everyday to buy lunch or making extra trips that aren’t necessary. Combine your trips, and if you work at home, eat there too.

Eating at Home

In addition to saving gas, the amount of money you save by not eating out every day can make a huge impact on your budget. Try planning ahead during the week and stay stocked up on the things you like. Buy in bulk so that you don’t have to make multiple trips to the store throughout the week. And don’t forget about leftovers. If you are trying to live a frugal lifestyle, nothing should go to waste!

Scheduling Your Chores

Use the time you are not spending commuting to catch up on chores around the house. By using this extra time to your advantage, you can open up more hours in the day to get more done. You might even find time to take on some extra work and pad the budget even more.

Taking on Extra Work

By working at home and using your time wisely, you should be able to pick up some side work such as dog-walking or house-sitting. These are activities that lend themselves to working remotely, as they don’t require a lot of effort and won’t interfere with your real job.

Getting Help at CreditGUARD

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