Perfect Date Night Ideas While on a Tight Budget

When it comes to deciding what to do on a date night, many people often have the same visual: expensive food, expensive drinks, fine dining, and lots of money spent. While this may be the case for some people, this is hardly always the case, especially for those who want to switch things up and particularly for those who are operating on a tight budget. But coming up with cheaper yet equally enjoyable date nights can be difficult to brainstorm. Here are several perfect date night ideas for those who are on a tight budget.


Few things can beat an in-house movie showing, especially when you spice it up with homemade popcorn and sweet treats. Perhaps you and you partner have been dying to see a recently released movie, or maybe you both want to watch an old classic. You can set up your own in-house movie showing, which will not only be more intimate and convenient, but it will be considerably cheaper. The cost of renting the movie from home is probably less than you would be charged for a movie ticket, and your movie snacks sure will be cheaper than what you would be charged at a movie theater!


For those who are more into the outdoors, camping or picnics are two great date night ideas. Maybe you set up camp at a local campsite or even just in your backyard. Few things beat a night together roasting marshmallows under the stars! If you want to meet up during the day, you can set up a picnic in a local park. Buying food for your picnic will be considerably cheaper than ordering from a restaurant.


For those who are more of the “events” type, finding cheap concert tickets is the perfect date night idea for people on a tight budget. Many times you can find local concerts within driving distance, some if which may even be free! Check out your local directory or monthly events schedule to see what options are on the horizon. You could even pair cheap concert tickets with an evening picnic for double the fun.


If you want a more hands on date night idea, going to a free class with your partner is a great option. These are not only great for people on a tight budget, but they are also great because you can learn new things. Maybe you are trying to get into yoga or art – search for free introductory classes in your local area, and who knows, maybe it can become your new hobby!


Last but not least, check out the local attractions in your area. Maybe you live near an amusement park, museum, zoo, or something else similar. You can be a tourist in your own backyard, which is definitely an underestimated but fantastic date night idea. This is especially great if you and your partner are from different areas, as you can show them the ropes and even learn a thing or two about the area you live in!