Payday Loan Statistics

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report states that more than 80% of payday loans are converted into new loans before they are fully repaid. These loans often trigger a chain reaction, which results in longer repayment of loans.

Why Consider a Payday Loan? 

Most people who use this type of loan do not utilize the loan to pay for emergencies or special purchases. The payday borrower takes out a high-interest loan with a long-term repayment plan to pay off their recurring expenses. We never advise consumers to take out a payday loan if it can be avoided.

Avoiding Financial Predators

The truth is payday loans wreak havoc in families who choose to take out high-interest loans. Let us remember the children’s book “When the mouse gets a cookie” In this case, the predator resembles the mouse. They thrive in the ground of financial desperation. You might think this is a solution to your current problems, but it actually brings much worse problems in the future. Many payday loans have maturities of just a few weeks and carry an astonishing annual interest rate up to 300%. Furthermore, most have high startup fees and aggressive due dates that can add up a significant value to your debts. This can quickly overwhelm borrowers who suffer from unexpected setbacks, such as losing their jobs.

There Is a Solution

Many consumers who are facing similar problems turn to payday lenders as a last resort. Those struggling with high-interest rates, high credit card debt, or lack of financial stability should look for ways to shore up their finances. Remember, the worst time to make such a decision is when you feel that there is no other way out. Taking out a payday loan can have unintended and often serious consequences, putting you in a worse position than when you took out the loan. 

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