How Birth Order Affects Your Success in Life and Finances

Sibling rivalry is often a fixture of life. Siblings lie in the clinch as they sit down for dinner, each struggling for the attention and admiration of their parents. Have you ever wondered how your birth order can determine your success? Birth order is the dynamic that’s related to the order you were born among your siblings. According to a recent study by the University of California, San Diego School of Public Health (UCSD), the birth of a person – the wealth of an order – goes hand in hand with their income.

Firstborns: First Up, First Ahead

Compared to their younger peers, first-borns are more likely to break the $100,000 salary barrier and hold leadership positions because they are deemed to be most driven and motivated. Children born first to their siblings tend to receive more support and admiration from their parents. This tends to encourage extroverted and ambitious individuals, who are more likely to be rewarded in an increasingly competitive economy.

 Middle Child Syndrome

 Like the infamous middle child syndrome, many middle children often feel left out and overshadowed by their more successful siblings. Recent studies have shown that middle born children usually go into the fields of government jobs that usually require selfless personalities. Middle children are often very personable individuals. They’re simply easy to be around and have warm personalities. Also, middle children are seen as diplomats and peacemakers in the family. Because their desire for inclusion makes a great team player, they are most likely to do better in managing an agency or firm. 

Youngest; Last but Certainly Not Least

You might think that the indifference of children of their parents harms them, but studies show that younger children do better than their middle siblings. The path to financial success is not as relative as those of the firstborns; others invest their creativity in companies that promise wild success such as artistic and athletic fields.

What About Only Children?

 So what about only children? Only children tend to develop high self-esteem and perfectionism. While this is not necessarily a bad attribute for success, it can leave only children vulnerable to crippling disappointment.

 Is Birth Order Destiny?

The real answer is no. History is full of hugely successful middle born children, including some of the world’s most successful artists, not to mention the likes of Madonna, John F. Kennedy, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and many others. The results may be interesting, but far from concrete: success is still elusive for the most creative individual.

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