Frugal Tips: How to Achieve Your Dream Wedding Without Overspending Your Budget

In the United States, the average cost of a wedding can sum up to $30,000 and that might be out of your comfort zone. Savy wedding without overblowing your budget is essential to achieve your ideal wedding for less. Here’s how you can still have a stunning wedding on a budget:

  1. Cut Cuisine Costs 

Food is often the biggest expense and the major part of the wedding experience. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce costs without being substandard. A common alternative to a served meal is a buffet-style reception. You can also choose to have starters and desserts as an add on to your menu. A brunch or lunch instead of a multi-course meal can also help you save you a few dollars. 

It is entirely possible to have an exquisitely beautiful cake without overspending your budget. Double your savings by ordering a small one for you and serving each guest on a separate tray. You can choose a small cake board that can also serve as a centerpiece arrangement on the table. 

  1. Limit Liquor During Cocktail Hour 

If you’re committed to the tradition, you can opt to bring out the booze during the cocktail hour. Alternatively, you can limit the choices to quality wines, cocktails, or champagnes. Quality over quantity. In some places, you can buy your alcohol or you can simply ask a bartender or caterer to serve it, which reduces your budget at a great value.

  1. Wedding Location

Wedding venues owned by federal, state, and local governments are some of the cheapest places to host a wedding reception. These places often are naturally picturesque and can be decorated in a way that reduces the cost of beautification. You can also save money by having your ceremony and reception at the same location and even finding all-inclusive packages that include a wedding reception and honeymoons in one place, such as a hotel room, private wedding party, or resort.

  1. Wedding Day Timing

Weddings can vary in price depending on your selected date and schedule. A Saturday afternoon in June is the most in-demand and most expensive time to hold a wedding. Planning an off-season wedding on a Sunday or even a Friday night can cut your costs significantly. You can still get that Saturday wedding you dream of, if you request to book morning and evening hours. 

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