Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Are Subscription Box Services Too Good to Be True?

Since their introduction, box subscription services have wildly grown in popularity. Businesses jumped at the opportunity to supply fans of their products with their latest offerings directly. Box subscriptions services’ contents cover a wide range of interest and hobbies, making them an excellent gift for loved ones or yourself. As with any successful product, supporters and detractors of box subscription services have given two varying opinions of its value. CreditGUARD is here to help you navigate the noise and figure out if this service is right for you.

What Is a Box Subscription Service?

A box subscription is a service that delivers a box of products from the supplier of your choice directly to your front door on a regular schedule (weekly/monthly/quarterly). The contents of each box are set by the retailer making them unknown to the consumer each time. As mentioned above, box subscriptions cover a broad spectrum of interests from clothing and cosmetics to books and electronics. Some items are exclusive or limited edition products made specifically for the subscription service. Payment on box subscriptions fluctuate. Some require a yearly or monthly fee, while others let you pay for only what you keep.

The Pros of Subscription Boxes

The fun of a box subscription service is its surprise. Every scheduled delivery comes with the same excitement of a birthday or holiday as you open the box. Is it entertaining not to know the contents? Fans of box subscriptions claim this as the biggest perk. The mystery elements give you an opportunity to enjoy products you may have never bought for yourself. The subscription fee is often much lower than the accumulated price of its content, giving you access to items that may be out of your price range.

The Cons of Subscription Boxes

What exactly gives an item value? That is what many subscription box detractors say of its contents. The products inside each box are advertised as below retail price (which is often true), but how much personal value are you getting from each? If you receive items you never use because they are not to your taste or need, then even with a discount you’re still purchasing unwanted products. It’s not impossible to cancel your subscription, though many services make it difficult to stop payments quickly. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of forgetting cancellation when payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

Should You Use a Box Subscription Box?

There is no right or wrong answer if a subscription box service is a fantastic deal or waste of money. Do your own research to determine the service’s value. Many subscribers post each month’s contents on dedicated message boards. Look through the past few months to see if the box contains products that would provide you value and if the price point aligns with your personal assessment. As with any purchase, you should make sure taking on these new payments agrees with your financial plan. No subscription box is worth going deeper into debt.

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