Frugal Family: Getting Ready for Spring

Using a Family Scheduling Chart

When you’re trying to reshape your financial situation for the better, the first piece of advice is always to live more frugally.

The tip seems simple, but how do you begin? Is it really as easy as just spending less money?

Things become even more complicated for those with families. Maintaining an enjoyable life for your loved ones while paying off debt and saving money can quickly become overwhelming. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Living frugally depends on many factors and differs from family to family. Luckily, there are simple changes every family can make to set up the foundation of being a frugal family.

Make Home Maintenance D.I.Y.

In your busy life, it’s often convenient to pay someone to perform home maintenance basics rather than doing it yourself.

While this luxury may be okay for some, if you want to live more frugally, handling it yourself is a quick way to lower your monthly expenses. Lawn service, gutter cleaning, and even basic car maintenance are all tasks that you can complete yourself.

After a few months, you’ll be surprised how many services you once deemed essential are now unnecessary. Obviously, not all home maintenance chores can be done yourself. Be careful not to overextend and hire a professional if needed.

Become Your Own Chef

With the introduction of food delivery apps, ordering meals has never been easier. A few taps of a smartphone produces a delicious dinner to your front door. This premium service comes with a premium price tag.

Circumvent this cost by becoming your own chef. The key to making this more frugal change easier is with thoughtful preparation. Plan weekly meals and develop a shopping list to avoid buying unneeded groceries. Assign a designated cooking night (or day) for each family member so as not to put the entire burden on one individual.

Cooking your own food is not only cheaper but is also a therapeutic way to unwind after a long day.

Renegotiate Your Monthly Bills

Opening your monthly bills can be a dispiriting experience if you’re trying to save money and reduce your debt. If you feel like your bills are getting out of hand, it’s time to give these companies a call. It is useful to understand your current high fees don’t have to be permanent.

You may be unaware that many services like cable, internet, and cell phone offer attractive deals at lower costs, and all you have to do is ask. Just be prepared to wait on hold for a while and even escalate your concerns to a manager who has the power to help you out.

If no such offer is available, switching to a cheaper service plan or moving your service to a competitor will help your family save more each month.

Find Entertainment Alternatives

Becoming a frugal family doesn’t mean you have to be a boring family.

There are plenty of entertainment options for a fun time that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet. The only thing needed is a little ingenuity and imagination. One example is a movie night. Taking a family to the movie theatre can quickly turn expensive. Transform your living room into your own personal cineplex with some comfortable blankets, homemade popcorn, and a cardboard marquee. Avoid paying movie streaming service fees by borrowing DVDs from your local library at no cost. For other enjoyable activities, take advantage of free local events throughout your town which can be discovered on community social media pages.

The above tips are great starting points for becoming a frugal family. As you continue with a more thrifty lifestyle, you and your family will discover other ways to lower your expenses and debt. If you need a little more help navigating your financial situation, or if you’re currently behind on your credit card payments, call CreditGUARD now. Our certified credit counselors are ready to help you understand your options. Take your first step toward a brighter financial future.

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