The Frugal Family: Resources and Tips

A Beginner’s Guide to Frugal Living

The word frugal doesn’t have to be a word that sounds like “no fun.” Quite the opposite, actually. Living frugally isn’t about deprivation — it’s about focusing on the essentials and not getting bogged down with expenses and activities that don’t add value to you or your family

Establishing Priorities and Boundaries

The first step in moving toward a more frugal lifestyle is understanding what your means are. The easiest way to fail at frugal living is to remain unclear about your budget and goals. If you know what you can and cannot afford, you can create a better design for living that eliminates unnecessary expenses and unnecessary stress.

One of the chief benefits of budgeting is peace of mind. If you’re living beyond your means, you’re getting further into debt. What could feel worse?

Staying within the boundaries of a budget provides relief and stability where formerly there were possibly vague notions of what it means to be financially responsible.

Keep it Simple

Most of us have too many different ways to organize things. If you have a bunch of different financial apps, chances are there’s a disconnect somewhere. By limiting the amount of data sources you use to manage your finances, you’ll have a more centralized view of all your purchases, expenses and income.

This method can be applied to other areas of your life as well. Maintaining a simplified routine that focuses on the essentials will actually grant you more free time, and that is something money can’t buy.

Find Some Space to Reflect

Distracting activities like browsing social media have actually been proven to lower a person’s sense of wellbeing. The reason for this is complicated, but it can be summarized by the old saying, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” Comparison can quickly become the thief of joy, especially if you’re not feeling happy being on a new budget. Instead of focusing on what’s “missing,” focus on what there is to be grateful for — chances are, that list is much longer and more robust than your list of wants.

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