Overcoming Financial Procrastination

Are you living with debt problems? Are you a procrastinator? You’re not alone. Despite recent upticks in the economy, Americans are more in debt than ever.

Recent studies have shown that as few as 20% of people have taken the time to sit down and write a financial plan. In fact, most people are only prompted to take action in times of financial emergencies or as a result of a surprise windfall.

While the energy that procrastination generates can help you get work done under a tight deadline, it doesn’t work so well when the pressure isn’t turned up to 100 because of a deadline.

If you’re getting “final notice” letters in the mail or you’re getting collections calls, chances are, you’re a financial procrastinator.

The bad news?

This kind of procrastination can lead to serious consequences such as the default of a loan, a lien or even a foreclosure.

Finding yourself in a financial bind like this is not hard to do. While you may not “feel ready” to take action, you’re actually making the issue worse by avoiding it. The reason for this is interest — the further behind you get, the more you owe.

The good news?

CreditGUARD can help you course correct even when it feels like the chips are down.

CreditGUARD’s non profit programs include debt management, credit counseling and non profit debt consolidation.

  • These services actually work to “guard” you against some of debt’s worst effects by:
  • Negotiating with your creditors
  • Potentially reducing the amount of interest you repay
  • Consolidating your credit card bills into one easy monthly payment
  • Putting a halt on harassing collections calls
  • Helping you get on a budget that works
  • Helping you take the steps necessary toward financial freedom

If you’re currently avoiding your finances or you have fear about the amount of debt you have, you’re not alone. May of our satisfied clients have been in your shoes — behind on payments, feeling like you’re backed into a corner, thinking it’s better to ignore or avoid the problem.

If this is you, CreditGUARD’s certified credit counselors are standing by to take your call.

Before you call, make sure you have a list of your income sources, all your monthly bills and debt obligations, and any questions you may have about how it works. (links to FAQ or Our Process)

Ready? Give one of our credit counselors a call at 800-500-6489 and take the first step toward a better financial tomorrow!