Cure Your Holiday Hangover Through Consolidation

The New Year has come and gone, and what are you left with? A holiday hangover. From the food to the gifts, the excess has dragged you down, and you are definitely feeling the effects. Your waistline is a little bigger, and those credit card statements have finally started to arrive. It might have been easy to be merry during the holidays, putting a little on this card and a little on that one, but dealing with the consequences isn’t as fun. After more than 20 years of helping people get out of debt, we have seen this post-holiday symptom more times than one.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your holiday hangover and the bills flooding in, a debt consolidation program might be the right option for you. A program like this can help you stay on top of your financial obligations and move toward better financial stability. Curious? We thought so. Here are a few facts you should know.

What is it?

Debt consolidation programs offer a proven process for combining your various debts into one simple, manageable payment, making it easier for you to find your way out of debt and stabilize your finances. Unlike consolidation loans which increase your debt, consolidation programs do not require additional loans. Instead, a certified credit counselor will help you work with your creditors to consolidate your existing debt. When combined with credit counseling, this option can positively impact your financial future.

What are the benefits?

Debt consolidation programs save you time, money and offer a peace of mind that won’t be found with other options, like consolidation loans or debt settlement. These programs provide one singular payment due monthly by helping you work with your creditors. This eliminates the need to pay on different cards and loans every month, which can become overwhelming over time. Also, lower interest rates can be found with debt consolidation programs, meaning you will pay less in the long run. By consolidating your debt, your finances eventually become more stabilized, resulting in a happier, less-stressed you.

Staying Out of Debt

Plan for this year’s holiday season as well as the rest of your yearly expenses by accompanying your debt consolidation program with a credit counselor. These certified men and women will help you learn how to save money and stay out of debt in the future. They also help you make long-term changes to your spending habits by teaching you how to live within your means. They work with you to form a budget that fits your needs and wants while still having a little money left over each month.

Still curious about our debt consolidation solutions? Contact one of our credit counselors to help you discover how to best approach your debt. They can help you find a personalized solution so by the next holiday season, you won’t be overloaded with debt, and you will escape the dreaded holiday hangover.