Large Lenders are Expanding Credit Card Access

In the past, credit card access has been largely limited to individuals with solid credit histories and high credit scores. Recently, however, companies have tried to improve access by expanding eligibility to those individuals who lack a credit history. Specifically, large lenders in the United States, including U.S. Bank and JPMorgan Chase, are leading the …

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Should Americans Expect a Fourth Stimulus Check?

Many Americans have endured substantial financial struggles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic but have been able to get by with the help of government stimulus checks. To date, eligible recipients have received $3,200 via three separate stimulus checks in the last 12 months. And with continued financial hardship on the horizon even as the economy recovers, …

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How to Save on College Tuition

College tuition has become a significant expense nowadays, and the level of outstanding student loans in the United States is at an all-time high. Many parents are concerned about adequately planning for and covering the costs of college tuition while still ensuring that their children receive a quality education. There are in fact many ways …

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Disputing Credit Report Errors

Credit reports are critical for your financial planning and future. These reports can impact your ability to purchase a house, take out a loan, or have a multitude of other consequences. As such, it is vital that you properly manage your credit. A key piece of proper management involves checking for and disputing errors in …

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Debit vs. Credit Card Usage: Which is Better?

“Credit or debit?” You have probably run into this question many times when checking out at a store, or perhaps you have wondered to yourself which one is better to use when handling utilities payments or other transactions. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of using credit versus debit cards is extremely important because this can …

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Bill Consolidation: Pros, Cons & How It Works

Staying on top of your bills is extremely important. Aside from helping you to avoid accumulating debt and overdue bills, properly managing what you owe has consequences on your credit rating. Many people find this difficult, which is understandable when you have bills coming in from all different directions at all different times! A great …

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14 Great Side Gigs from Home to Earn Extra Income

These days, many people are looking for alternative ways to make money. With high unemployment and many struggling to pay bills and debts during the pandemic, a lot of people want credible and accessible moneymaking opportunities. Side gigs are a great way to do this, as they allow people to leverage their existing skillsets and …

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How Closing a Credit Card Account Can Lower Your Credit Score

Closing a credit card account might seem harmless upon first glance. Perhaps you want to manage fewer accounts or maybe you are worried about future payments. Depending on the nature of the account you are closing, however, this can negatively impact your credit score, so you must be sure to consider the long-term implications. Here …

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