3 Essential Money Matters to Discuss Before You Get Married

Money Mindset Discussing inherent beliefs about money is paramount to getting on the same page as your partner. Were you raised to think that money will always be there? Or were you brought up with the belief that money is hard to come by and requires hard work? Examining the role that money plays in …

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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Taxes

Bad math Miscalculations are one of the most common errors on tax returns. In 2017, the IRS reported 2.5 million math errors on returns. The errors range from a simple mistake on addition or subtraction or misplacement of numbers on tax tables or schedules. Thankfully, IRS software catches these mistakes but it can result in …

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Buying in Balk May Actually Cost You More

Bulky items, skimpy storage The allure of buying a box of your favorite cookies goes away when you come home and realize there is no space in the pantry. The next thing you know, you are playing a game of Tetris to get that giant package of ribeye steak in the freezer because the price …

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