7 Strategies for Paying Off Pandemic Credit Card Debt – CreditGUARD.org

Credit Card Relief Programs

Contact your credit card company to determine if they offer any relief or assistance to those the coronavirus pandemic has impacted. Be prepared to provide documentation of your situation if necessary. One common form of aid is establishing a payment plan that works for your situation. Another way credit card companies may assist is by waiving or refunding late fees and lowering or deferring your monthly minimum.


Make the Minimum Payment

Although this may be difficult for some, making the minimum payment on your credit card can help ease the burden of a ballooning bill. Having to deal with interest building up on a daily basis may not be an ideal situation in the long run, but at least your credit will stay in good standing if you make minimum payments. Additionally, paying more than the minimum when possible is always a smart move.


Cause An “Avalanche”

The “avalanche method” is where you single out the credit card debt with the highest interest rate and focus on paying that one off first. This method can result in paying less interest over time, but it definitely requires patience and dedication.


Consider Nonprofit Debt Consolidation

Nonprofit debt consolidation is similar to other consolidation methods where you end up with a single lower-interest, manageable payment. The main goal is to pay off credit card debt without taking out a loan. If you qualify for a debt consolidation program, the agency providing this service will offer the best solutions to getting rid of your debt.


Create A Budget And Stick To It

Paying off debt requires commitment and consistency. Assess your income and spending with an honest outlook. Break down your spending into needs and wants. Dedicate extra money towards paying down credit card debt. Doing without the extras will only be temporary until things get back on track.


Consider Using A Balance Transfer Card

Moving outstanding debt from one credit card to another is a balance transfer. Some credit card companies may offer a promotion period of six to eighteen months where no interest is charged. The main challenge is to stay on top of paying the monthly bill during the time where no interest is accumulating.


Create A Side Hustle

Do you have spare time during the week or on weekends? Consider adding a side hustle to your schedule. The extra money can be used to put toward credit card bills. This will free up some of the money you receive from your main income.



To conclude, paying off that pesky pandemic debt will require some elbow grease and determination. You are not alone and there is support for those that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. Determining your strategy and sticking to it will ensure success in the long run.