5 Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

As a newly married couple, the last thing you need is to begin your marriage with a honeymoon you can’t afford or new debt you don’t need. The good news is that there are plenty of attractive and fun-filled destinations that will give you the honeymoon of your dreams, without it turning into a financial nightmare:

1. Puerto Rico

If you’re planning a honeymoon in the Caribbean, you can save a considerable amount of money by choosing Puerto Rico. You can book a great room at La Terraza de San Juan for as little as $137 a night. You will have to pay for your flight, but most airlines offer sweetheart deals if you book well in advance of your departure. Once there, you’ll enjoy a sparkling nightlife and a wide choice of secluded beaches.

2. The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys offer natural beauty, beautiful beaches and more than 100 miles of scenic highway to enjoy without overspending. Arrange a cheap flight to get to your destination, then rent a car to explore the Keys at your leisure. With rooms starting at $150 a night in June, share your love while taking in some of the most beautiful ocean views around.

3. Jamaica

Like Puerto Rico, Jamaica offers a memorable Caribbean honeymoon that won’t strain your budget. With industry leaders like Couples and Sandals dotting the island, competition has pushed prices low to accommodate bargain hunters. You can find rooms for less than $200 a night at hotels like the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Montego Bay. Flights are also inexpensive, with many airlines offering budget deals from most U.S. cities.

4. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe may have an expensive reputation, but you can find some great deals in this gorgeous destination. Rooms are available at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel for less than $140 a night. Once there, you can divide your time between relaxing on the beach and hiking in the mountains. After the sun has set, live it up in one of Tahoe’s many casinos.

5. Oahu

If you’re looking for fun in the sun while keeping things cheap, make Oahu your destination. Flights to Oahu are less expensive than those to Maui, and room rates are a lot cheaper. Depending on when you go, you can get a room at the Ala Moana Hotel for as little as $158 a night. For more privacy, an island bungalow is a great option.

Your honeymoon doesn’t have to be more expensive than you can afford. With a little research, you can find great destinations to give you memories that will last a lifetime, without spending more than you have.

For more money-saving tips, head over to our Marriage page where you’ll find a range of financial information on all things marriage.


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