10 Fun Activities For Kids

Do you often buy overpriced toys for kids even if you cannot afford them? Children spend too much time in front of glowing screens and too little time playing outdoors. These 10 fun-filled activities will let your child interact with the non-electronic world at a low price

  • Bake Cookies

Reading recipes, measuring ingredients and following instructions is very educational for children. The sweet reward keeps the motivation going, and you can improve the nutritional value by using whole wheat flour instead of white flour.

  • Have an Indoor Campout 

Want to go camping? Build your own campsite outside your home. Alternatively, you can tell spooky stories and even roast marshmallows over the stove or fireplace.

  •  Build Hideouts

A large box or tool shed is ideal, but a few tables and chairs are enough to add a bedspread or two. Build a fortress for your children and drag them irresistibly into a small, cozy room. 

  • Get Wet 

If the heat is unbearable, sprinklers and hoses break out to cool down, or if the area is affected by drought, you should involve your children in other tasks that take off the heat. Just remember to save them if you can, and if you can’t, just store them in a safe place for a few years.

  • Take Things Apart 

Have you ever wondered how computers work? Or maybe you have an old toaster or analog clock that doesn’t work.  Give your child a tool and show him how to disassemble it. They will not only love the new skills but will also gain a better understanding of how things function around them. 

  • Play Ball 

Return to basics with a classic ball game. Whether your favorite is a baseball game, basketball, football, playing catch, or any other game, don’t miss the chance to spend a memorable game day with your kid.

  • Read Books 

Lay the foundation of a solid education by integrating reading into your daily routine. Reading aloud to your children enriches their reading skills and gives you the opportunity to spend time together. It’s a great way to build important emotional connections.

  • Paint a Face

Porches or bathtubs are good places for this kind of activity. Kids can show their creativity with painting activities. They can use non-toxic face paints to decorate their faces and their friend’s faces. Make sure you buy washable paint to avoid ruining your clothes.

  • Blow Bubbles

Follow a good formula of bubble solution that contains glycerol, as this is the key to the best bubbles ever. 

  •  Make Paper Airplanes

Take some paper and teach your child how to fold it into a perfect plane. You can compete for the highest, farthest reach for your paper planes. 

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